6th Grade Educational Enrichment Camp Registration is due November 7

Dear 6th Grade Parents,
It’s time to register your student for camp!  The cost per student is $320.  As you already know, our fundraising efforts may reduce the costs per student; therefore the final costs may be lower than $320.  Scholarship applicants do NOT need to pay a $50 deposit.
To reserve your place, the pink registration form and a $50 non-refundable deposit check are due by NOVEMBER 13, 2015. 
Make checks payable to World Explorations. 
Please write “Longfellow camp” on the memo line of your check.
Turn in to your designated classroom collector: Sierra DeLuca & Diego Nunez
The pink “Student Registration and Health Form” must be completely filled out to attend camp.  If you need a “Medical Authorization Form,” please contact Melanie Writer.  Return the student registration form and your check to Carma Sanchez or Melanie Writer or the student representative from your child’s class Sierra DeLuca & Diego Nunez.
If you are applying for a scholarship, in addition to the “Student Registration and Health Form” that you hand in to a committee member, please complete the scholarship application form and write an essay and return to Polly Dowling in the school office. Scholarship applications and essays are due to the school office by NOVEMBER 30.  Essays can be emailed to vpeducation@longfellowcompadres.org for printingYou must also complete the “Student Registration and Health Form” if you are applying for a scholarship, but you do NOT need to provide a $50 deposit if you are applying for a scholarship.
Contact Carma Sanchez (vpdevelopment@longfellowcompadres.org or 619-972-8795) or Melanie Writer (vpeducation@longfellowcompadres.org or 858-880-5409) with any questions.
Thank you from your camp committee,
Carma and Melanie

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