Executive Board Bios 2016–17

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Los Compadres Executive Board for 2016-2017


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Penny Stiles
I have a son starting second grade and a daughter starting kindergarten in the 2016-17 school year. I am excited to serve on the PTO board as president to continue the tradition of excellence I have experienced the past two years as a parent and volunteer in different PTO sponsored activities. I have seen commitment and dedication to the school by incredible parents, teachers and staff and feel lucky our family gets to be part of this community.  I work part time as a nurse practitioner. I look forward to being part of the board and to helping the PTO support the Longfellow community.

VP of Communications

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Tiffany Gilson
I have a son in kindergarten, and another entering TK.  I want to be involved in the Longfellow community and help maintain it’s great PTO support system.  My goal is to keep communication as open and as accessible as possible in the Longfellow community.  There are so many great programs and experiences that happen at Longfellow during a school year.  It takes coordination and communication to get the students, families and staff aligned to make it all happen.   I am a teacher, and have participated on my school board and various committees.  I look forward to building upon the great foundation that has been built, and supporting the Longfellow community.

VP of Community Events

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Karina Rivera I am very excited and eager to be part of this amazing PTO team as the new VP of community events. In our home, family is highly valued, and I find it a great joy and privilege to be able to bring the Longfellow community together to enjoy of one another’s company.

My husband and I have five wonderful children, who each do an excellent job at keeping us on our toes. With our youngest son having such an extraordinary year in kindergarten, we are ecstatic for the next year of his academic journey.

For the past 20 years, I have been working with children in both professional and leisurely environments, most of my experience being in school and medical field settings. I have also been very involved throughout the San Diego County where I have organized educational and fundraising community events.

As the new VP of Community Events, I look forward to keeping Longfellow’s cultural identity as lively as possible to assure a welcoming environment where everyone can feel at home. I would like to keep an open platform, where ideas can be freely shared, and where everyone has an opportunity to make a difference in the community.

VP of Development

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Lucas LeardMann
In the 2016-17 school year my son Zander will be a 2nd grader, and his younger sister will be entering Kinder the following year. We love Longfellow for its diversity, sense of community, the many amazing events on campus, and of course the Spanish. I was a teacher for 9 years, in a bilingual program for several of those, and I knew of Longfellow as a bilingual teacher; now I feel lucky to be here as a parent. I continue to work in education as a regional consultant for a major K-12 publishing company, and with work in schools prior to teaching I have more than 15 years in public education in varying capacities. I look forward to joining the Los Compadres board and supporting the many amazing efforts the parents bring to this school.

VP of Educational Enrichment

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Imaya Remenak

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Simpson University, and another bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University in Political Science. I have been blissfully married for thirteen years–my husband is finishing up his Ph.D in Sociology. The pre-kid years were spent working in Non-profit social service program development and marketing. This fall I will start working on my Masters in Education, and will begin substitute teaching for San Diego Unified. I am passionate about  education, and believe firmly that education should inspire a love of learning. My hobbies include photography, hiking, reading, yoga, and running.

VP of Campus Improvement

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John Olivas
I have a daughter in 4rd Grade and I am truly grateful J-Love was selected to Longfellow.  It was important to have J-Love speak Spanish and experience the traditions that Norma and I experienced as children.  For the last 4 years, it has been awesome to be surrounded by a community of teachers, parents and children who make Longfellow more special.  I also volunteer as an AYSO Coach for the past 18 years and I’m committed to keeping the best interest in our future generations.  As VP of Campus Improvement, I plan to continue to stay active with the Longfellow communities and continue the successes.


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Woodlyn Perez

My name is Woodlyn Perez and I am happy to be the new PTO Secretary for Longfellow Elementary.  I am a San Diego native and have lived in San Diego my entire life.  I attended Crown Point Elementary and Pacific Beach Middle School.

I am currently a San Diego School District employee and I work for the Parent Outreach and Engagement Department.  I’ve worked for the district for almost 9 years, three of which I worked as a School Secretary at Carson Elementary School in Linda Vista.

I have an amazing, soon to be 4th grade daughter named Olivia.  We recently relocated from Chula Vista where Olivia attended Heritage Elementary and was in the Spanish Immersion program.

I am a huge believer in the importance of parent involvement at our schools.  I’ve seen first hand how important parent involvement is and how much our schools and our kids need us.  I think as parents and community members we don’t realize the power that we have to make a difference in our schools and in our communities.  There is a huge need within our district and we can all make a difference.  I’m glad that I am able to make a small contribution to our PTO and our school.

I feel very blessed to have come to Longfellow where there is such a strong sense of community and parent involvement.  We really have an amazing PTO and many amazing parents that donate their time to make a difference in all of our children’s lives. I’ve never participated in an official role such as this, so I am a bit nervous about it but I am excited about the prospect of being more closely involved with such an amazing group of parents here at Longfellow.


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Lucia Allen My husband and I feel very fortunate that our son has the opportunity to attend Longfellow. He is now in second grade and truly loves the school.

I would like to serve as Treasurer on the PTO board as a way to give back to the Longfellow community because it has done so much for our son’s education.

I currently work in the Special Ed department at Longfellow, and before that I worked as a restaurant bookkeeper for twelve years.

I look forward to serving the Longfellow community and doing my part in helping our school.

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