Box Top Contest Winners

Thank you to all of the families who participated in the Rootbeer Float Box Top contest. The winners have been drawn! The winners can choose one friend to join them for a Rootbeer float. The date will be coordinated with teachers. Congratulations to the winners and a special congratulations to Sebastian from Sra. Morrill’s classroom for turning in the most with over 600 box tops. The winners of the drawing are:

Sebastian Brieno, Sra. Morrill
Naomi Mann, Sra. Ortiz
Rosette Kinney, Sra. Robles
Bella Martinez, Sra. Graham
Jonathan Negrin, Sra. Fuller
Lauren Cunningham, Sra. Van
Amanda Ragusa, Sra. O’Brien
Richard Emmi, Sr. Jacobsen
Ireland Wessaman Lavelle, Sra. Matson
Bostyn Pallamary, Sra. Fuller
Nathan Van Boxtel, Sra. Ortiz

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