Box Tops Snowball Fight: January 18–February 3

January 18-February 3, 2016 are the days to turn in box tops and February 5th would be the last day for teachers and classrooms to get their snowballs on the boards.  

Click here for a 10-Box Tops Collections Sheet.

Click here for a 25-Box Tops Collections Sheet.


Here’s how it works:

During the contest, turn in Box Tops and your class will receive paper snowballs. On our public Battleboard, classrooms can “throw” the snowballs at other classes within your grade level group *see below* (we won’t actually be throwing the snowballs, we’ll just be taping it on the bulletin board). To win, your class must be the one in your group with the LEAST amount of snowballs on their poster at the end of the contest! This contest will run from January 18th – February 3rd, so make sure you send in your Box Tops to see if your class can be the “Snowball King”.

Official Rules:

  • Everyone: Please talk to the students about fair play. We can only go by the honor system since the bulletin board is open access. In the past, we have had very few incidents of missing snowballs or foul play. Let’s keep this a fun contest!
  • Students & families: Please submit Box Tops in groups of 10, 25 or 50 with your classroom number and teacher name on the collection sheet or zip-top bag. Give them directly to your teacher. Please check to be sure Box Tops are not expired and that the entire coupon is intact (no cut off expirations). Only glue or tape Box Tops to paper: no staples! If you do not have 10, try combining them with others in your classroom. 10 Box Tops = 1 snowball, 25 Box Tops (on same sheet or bag) = 3 snowballs, 50 Box Tops (on one sheet or in same bag) = 8 snowballs
  • Teachers: Please check that your classroom is clearly labeled on the submittal. Place them in to the Los Compadres mailbox in the mailroom. Paper snowballs will be given to teachers in a large envelope and placed in teacher mailboxes as earned. Once you receive the large envelope of snowballs, please re-use the envelope to submit further Box Tops so we can better keep track of them.
  • On the bulletin board: Tape your snowball on your target classroom. You can only throw the snowball at a classroom in your grade level group as follows:
    • TK, Kinder and 1st grade – Any classroom of TK, Kindergarten or 1st
    • Grades 2 & 3 – Any classroom of 2nd or 3rd grades or 3/4 grade combo.
    • Grades 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 – Any classroom of grades 4-8 grade, or combo of those grades.
  • Last day to turn in Box Tops for this contest is Wednesday February 3rd. Final snowballs can be thrown no later than 4:15, Friday Feb 5th to determine our winning classrooms. The one classroom (2 for upper grades) per grade level group with the least number of snowballs will win!

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