There are quite a few different communication methods that the PTO and the school use to get different types of messages to families and to allow families to communicate with each other whenever possible. We hope that this page will help you navigate the communication methods:


PTO-Managed Communication Methods:


Google Groups for Los Compadres Committees:

Visit this page to sign up to receive communications about the PTO committees.


The Los Compadres Website

There is a wealth of information on this website and on the school’s website. In particular, the “Latest News” section on the home page of the Los Compadres website has reminders about upcoming events. In addition, the calendar page has the year’s events, which are updated whenever there are changes. To add the Los Compadres calendar events to your personal Google calendar, click the “+Google Calendar” icon on the bottom right of the calendar and follow the prompts.


PTO Social-Networking Sites for Parents

–Depending on the room parent and the teacher, the room parent may set up a Shutterfly Share site, a Google Group, or just use a list of emails to communicate about events that are specific to each class and which need collaboration (since the Classroom Google Groups are one-way only). The room parent uses a list of email addresses for the families in each class that have opted-in to receive these messages. Please contact your child’s teacher to find out who your room parent is and what collaboration tools he/she has set up.



School-Managed Communication Methods:


Classroom Google Groups

The school sets up Classroom Google Groups each year (for example “Salón X Communication Center”) in order for teachers to easily communicate with the parents of the students in his/her class. This year, these groups are one-way communication only, from the teacher to the families. When a parent replies to an email or sends a new email to the Google Group, it only goes to the teacher.

Please note that these Classroom Google Groups are created and monitored by the Longfellow Electronic Communications Team (a group of parent volunteers and school administration). You must “opt-in” and provide consent each year to receive these communications.

Please contact the school’s Vice Principal, Angela Boie, at, to “opt-in” to receive these communications or to notify the school of a change in your email address.


School Messenger

The school uses the district-provided School Messenger tool (which used to be called “Connect Ed”) to communicate very important information to families (such as a school closure or emergency communications). School Messenger communications come out as automated phone messages, emails, and text messages (for those who have opted in). It is very important that the school has your updated contact information at all times!

Please note: these School Messenger communications are linked to PowerSchool and the contact information that you provide the school on the Student Enrollment Form – you do not need to “opt-in” to receive these messages as they are automatic, but you do need to make sure the school has accurate updated contact information for you. Contact the school office to report changes in your phone numbers and/or email addresses.


Standing Tall eAnnouncements

The “Standing Tall eAnnouncements” are how the school communicates with students and families about upcoming school and Los Compadres events. These emails are generated using a Google Group that you must be a part of in order to receive the messages. This Google Group is for one-way communication only (replies to the group only go to the administrators of the group).

Please contact the school’s Vice Principal, Angela Boie, at, to “opt-in” to receive these communications or to notify the school of a change in your email address.



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