Middle School Educational Enrichment Fundraising

Support our Longfellow 6th graders by making a donation to benefit Outdoor Education Week. You have 3 ways to give your support:

  1. U-T $2 subscriptions. Middle School Educational Enrichment will receive $10 per subscription. Contact a 6th grader or Emily Hekier, parent, (emilyhekier@gmail.com) to make an order. Orders due by November 5, 2014
  2. Recycle. Drop off your plastic & glass bottle and can recycling to One Earth Recycling and tell them it’s for Longfellow. Middle School Educational Enrichment will receive 90% of the value. 3 drop-off locations including one in Mission Valley at 5980 Fairmont Ave, San Diego, 92120. Visit www.oneearthrecycling.com for other drop-off location addresses.
  3. Online donations via rally.org. Perfect for out of town supporters! Easiest way to make a donation! Use the link https://rally.org/OEW_Longfellow_2015 to make a donation or ask your friends and family for a donation. It’s easy to spread the word on social media! Just post the link on your Facebook page, Twitter, or Google+.

Contact a 6th grader or the fundraising coordinator Emily Hekier for more information: emilyhekier@gmail.com

Help the 6th graders reach their fundraising goal of $4,500!

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