Fundraising at Longfellow

The programs and activities supported by Los Compadres enrich our children’s curriculum and academic education.  It is up to us, parents and guardians, to bridge the gap between the school’s budget and actual cost to provide the quality education all Longfellow students deserve.

When you give to Los Compadres, 100% of your donation directly benefits the students at Longfellow.  Los Compadres does not ask students and parents to sell catalogue products to raise funds, mainly because a good portion of the proceeds from these campaigns ends up in the hands of the catalogue product suppliers.

Los Compadres relies on three major events throughout the year to raise the funds that are needed to support its programs and projects:

Additionally, we partner with the merchants to supplement our fundraising.

Our Family Dinner Nights are a great way to raise money and get to know other Longfellow families.

Finally, this past year our grant awards also helped us reach our fundraising goals.