Annual Giving

Annual Giving is a cash drive intended to raise money at the beginning of the school year for startup costs of the programs and event fees that come due right at the beginning of the school year. Last year, we raised over $20,000!

Our goal is not to stretch our community, but only to ask to consider donating any amount that fits within your own family budget.

Thanks to the generous donations from our school families in recent years, Los Compadres made very important contributions to the school, including:

As you can see, Los Compadres is a crucial source of support for Longfellow School, providing additional resources needed for an exemplary education.  Remember that our annual giving “drive” goes through September, but donations can be made all year. Please donate in any amount today! Remember that your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Thank you so much in advance to all the families who are willing to donate to help get our year off to a great start! Wishing each of you a great 2018/19 school year! If you ever have questions or suggestions about fundraising at our school, feel free to find me on campus or send me a message.

Susan Arias

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