Join Longfellow’s Garden Club!

Join Longfellow’s Garden Club!

We are looking for parents to join the Garden Club. The goal is to beautify the school through landscaping. We will install irrigation so that we are able to plant colorful and vibrant plants that create a nice environment for the students.

No experience or skill is necessary, we just need your time, labor and support. ANYONE CAN GARDEN! We also need volunteers that may have resources through their job, specifically; garden center employees or gardeners, landscapers or landscape architects, PLUMBERS, contractors, handymen and anyone who owns a pickup truck and can help with hauling or supply pick up. If you don’t like to garden but want to feed us while we work we need that too!

Landscaping is very physical and WE NEED DADS who can haul rocks and dig up beds to help us amend the soil. We also need people willing to push wheelbarrows around the school as we transport soil and other supplies.

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