Let the Online Bidding Wars Begin!



Q: How can I bid on an item?
A: Click on the red ‘bid now’ button. If you have not registered yet, you will need to click on the blue word ‘register’ to be able to place bids. Registration is very user friendly and will enable you to receive email notifications regarding your bids.

Q: What does ‘bid at event’ mean?
A: ‘Bid at event’ means this item will ONLY be available on March 14, 2015 at the ‘Big League Bash’ 2015 Silent Auction Live Gala Event (i.e. – RAFFLE, LIVE AUCTION & some items with strict ‘no online sale’ restrictions). Buy your tickets now: https://loscompadresdeescuelalon.schoolauction.net/auction2015/tickets/ticket_sales

Q: When does the online auction close?
A: The online auction closes March 8th at 5pm. The highest bidder on each item at that time will be the winner of that item and will receive an email notifying them.

Q: Why don’t all items have a ‘buy it now’ price?
A: Certain items have higher demand and we do not want to limit their value with a ‘buy it now’ price. Historically we have had many items at our event sell for over Full Market Value. Any amount paid over Full Market Value can be used as a deduction when filing your taxes!

Q: Will I be notified if someone outbids me?
A: YES! You will receive an email letting you know that you have been outbid so you can go in and bid again if you like!

Q: How will I know if I am the winner of an item?
A: Bidding will close at 5:00pm on Sunday, March 8, 2015. An email notification will be sent out to all highest bidders notifying them of their winnings. At that time, you have the option of self check-out using the link from the email notification or paying cash/check/credit card at school between March 9th and March 13th.

Q: When will I have to pay for the items I win?
A: Payment is due once the event closes on March 8, 2015. Winners who vaulted a credit card will be charged automatically. Winners can also complete self check-out from the email notification of their winnings. Payment can also be submitted in person when you pick up your item on campus between March 9th and March 13th.

Q: When can I pick up the item if I am the winner?
A: All items can be picked up at school in the morning or after school from March 9th – March 13th. In person ticket sales for the live Gala event and item pick up will be that whole week after the online auction closes.

Q: Are all the items already showing on the site?
A: No. Due to the volume of items we have received for our auction, we have hidden most of the donations that will be at the live Gala event for easier sorting. Also, some items are still coming in. If your class art project is not yet showing, we will send a link to it through your room parent/shutterfly group once it becomes available. We will unhide the rest of the items as soon as the online auction closes so we can preview what will be for sale at the live Gala event.

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