Nominations for Board Positions Still Needed!

PTO Board elections will be held on Monday May 11. Please see the current slate of nominees.

No one is running for the following positions and we really, really need to get them filled!

If you are interested, we would love to hear from you (contact Becky at!

Please see this page for a detailed Org Chart and all Job Descriptions.

Please note that Board positions are leadership positions. Board members are NOT expected to do all of the work within their position. Their job is to coordinate with their supporting team to ensure the work gets done. These positions require 2 meetings a month which are in the evenings (one board meeting and one general meeting), and then coordination with supporting team members (email, phone, etc.).  Most of the 2014-15 board members also work full-time jobs and are not on campus all the time, so please don’t let that deter you from running if that is your situation.

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