Our first ‘Baile de Longfellow’ was a HUGE SUCCESS!


  • Did you know that over 300 students and family members attended our first annual ‘Baile de Longfellow’?!
  • Did you know that 6 teachers showed up to dance with their students?!
  • Did you know that Andrew Cabrera (Father of 6th grader and Kinder) DJ’d for us for FREE making it possible for us to not have to charge an entrance fee! Anyone needing DJ services in the future, please consider using him as a thank you for his time and effort! http://ajentertainment.synthasite.com/
  • Did you know that Donna Valverde Flores, Brooke Diaz, and Brad De Luca provided the entire snack bar and coordination of all food services that evening! Thank you so much for feeding us!
  • Did you know that Zig Diaz (parent of Maya in 1st and Madison in 7th grade) set up all the stage lighting for the event including cool multicolored dance floor lighting that had the kids mesmerized plus a rotating slide show of photos from recent Longfellow events!? We were also impressed that your 7th grader, Madison, seemed to know the break down process and exactly where everything went in the box at the end of the night!
  • Did you know that Dave Ragusa and the Men’s Club worked from 3:30 until 6 pm setting up and decorating for our event and then breaking down at the end!? What would we do without you MEN!?
  • Did you know we had 25+ Middle Schoolers working as STAFF: ‘party starters’, ‘snack bar’, and ‘front desk check in’ volunteers!? Our younger students were SO happy to spend time with the older generation, and they were SUCH GREAT ROLE MODELS that evening! Parents of those middle schoolers: your children were so well behaved, took initiative, and worked so hard! We only hope our younger children grow up to be so amazing! Thank you, thank you!
  • Did you know that 10 additional parents worked shifts throughout the evening so that it flowed as smoothly and seamlessly as possible!? Thank you Longfellow Volunteers! Our school is this amazing because of you!
  • Did you know that Paula Cunningham (parent of Allison in 5th and Lauren in 3rd) danced all night from behind the Longfellow Merchandise table and sold $300 in merchandise that night!?
  • Did you know that Rosie Hacken (parent of Ryan in 2nd) provided all the ‘Baile’ flyers for free, just as she does ALL the PTO copies for every event we hold! You save us THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR, ROSIE!!!!
  • Did you know that Jenn Ragusa (parent of Amanda 2nd and Gavin Kinder) designed our Baile Flyer with her amazing Photoshop skills!?
  • Did you know that Amanda Dahlgren (parent of Mia in 2nd) sent out multiple messages for us in eAnnouncements to try to get the word out for our new event!?
  • Did you know that Shawn Sheeron worked tirelessly to control our budget, and cut our vendor checks, just like she does for EVERY EVENT DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR!?
  • Did you know that Principal Dina Sanchez and Polly Dowling answered multiple emails and requests for us to be able to put this event together (sometimes at 10 pm on the weekend!)?! We are aware of how lucky we are to have you!
  • Did you know that Susan Fleider (parent of Ana Rosa 2nd and Beto 3rd) brought her camera and caught our ‘Baile’ on film as she does all of our events!? Thank you Susan! Our photo archive is going to be CRAZY AMAZING because of your talent in catching the moment!
  • Did you know that ‘The Foto Box’ provided their services at a 50% discount to us so that we could charge only a nominal fee for photos that evening! Please use them if you need a photo booth any time as a thank you! http://thefotobox.com/

Thank you from myself (Carma Sanchez), Amy Highfill, and the Los Compadres Board for coming to the first annual ‘Baile’. This shows the usual outpouring of dedication we get from our community members to pull off these events, and as always, I am overwhelmed in being a part of such an amazing community.

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