Revised PTO Bylaws Up for Input and Vote

Dear Los Compadres Members,

We have completed a draft of revised bylaws for Los Compadres PTO, and it is available here for your review and comments. We will be presenting a final draft for a vote at the next General Meeting of the Los Compadres Membership on April 13. We hope to receive your comments as soon as possible, and by April 5 at the latest, so that we may complete any needed changes. Comments or questions can be sent to Paul Eichen (Los Compadres Secretary) at

The bylaws are the general policies and procedures that the Board and Members must follow in executing the day-to-day business of our PTO. This is the first revision of the bylaws since Los Compadres became an official nonprofit organization in 2009.

These new bylaws better reflect how the parents, teachers, and administrators of Longfellow operate as a volunteer community. We have tried to make it easier to understand how things get done, and how any Los Compadres Member can influence the life of the Los Compadres community. By doing this, we hope to help set the stage for continued growth in Los Compadres’ contribution to the education and well being of our children.


Los Compadres 2014/2015 Board of Directors

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