2022-2023 PTO Contact Info

We want to hear from you! You can attend general PTO meetings or please contact us by clicking on an email address.

PTO Executive Board Members:
PresidentCeleste Parrypresident@longfellowcompadres.org
VP CommunicationsOlivia Fregosovpcommunications@longfellowcompadres.org
VP of Community EventsVanessa Pedrazavpcommunityevents@longfellowcompadres.org
VP DevelopmentHeather Laird vpdevelopment@longfellowcompadres.org
VP Campus ImprovementLorena Warner-Laravpcampusimprovement@longfellowcompadres.org
VP Education EnrichmentJeannie Chasevpeducation@longfellowcompadres.org
TreasurerGreg Gleesontreasurer@longfellowcompadres.org
SecretaryDeborah Dentico Olinsecretary@longfellowcompadres.org
VP of Cultural EnrichmentSerenity Pascualvpculture@longfellowcompadres.org
School Contacts:
Principal (Interim) Dr. Lisa Hertzoglhertzog@sandi.net
Vice PrincipalEric Wilsonewilson1@sandi.net

Additional School Support Staff Contact Information

Teaching Staff Contact Information

“If you take out the team in teamwork, it’s just work. Now who wants that?” ― Matthew Woodring Stover

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