Art Corps

Los Compadres sponsors an art enrichment program at Longfellow called ART CORPS™.


ART CORPS™ is a comprehensive, developmental curriculum, which teaches art fundamentals by bringing hands-on art experiences to the classroom.  It is uniquely designed to provide onsite workshops that prepare parent volunteers to go into the classroom and provide art lessons to children in grades K-8.

There are 8 training workshops per grade level per year. In the first 7 lessons, a concept of art is explored through examples of famous art and a project focused on that concept. In the final lesson each year a famous artist is featured whose artwork is used to inspire a project for the children. A variety of mediums and art genres are explored.

ART CORPS™ is truly more than a curriculum. It is a parent-teacher partnership. It is a school-wide effort that involves many parents volunteering their time. It provides a forum for children to feel successful and to do so in a public way through an annual school wide event–the Art Show. Additionally it provides children with an appreciation and exposure to art in a positive non-judgmental way, giving them skills they will have for the rest of their lives.

For more information about the program, visit

To volunteer in this program, contact your student’s teacher or send an email to the PTO.

Make sure that you have completed the required volunteer paperwork so that you can work directly with kids in the classroom!

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