Running Club

running_girraff_high_res (640x499)Longfellow’s Running Club is every morning before school. Students can run with us from 8:40 until 9:00 am. Running in the morning before school is a fantastic way to give students a head start. Running helps them wake up and release anxiety before they enter the classroom. Students will receive a mileage card to keep track of their laps. Every time students complete a lap around the track they will get their card scanned. Students will be recognized for every 5 miles achieved within each month and also for reaching milestones: 26.2 miles (marathon), 50 miles, 78.6 miles (triple crown), 100 miles, 135 miles (Elite Runners) and 200+ miles (our new “Ultra Team”).  We have found that this recognition by peers and the school community is a great motivator to keep students running.

Running club parent letter

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